What is Amazon ATES and How to get it?

Hey Guys!! I am back with another topic that is how you can get an Amazon ATES certificate? and, what is ATES Program, so let’s Start amazon ates training program

amazon ates

What is Amazon ATES Program?

The ATES stands for Amazon Trained ECommerce Specialist. that Helps the sellers to sell their product on amazon and build a profile on Amazon Seller Central. the Amazon ATES is a course which you can learn and start earning from the sellers or the businessman.

What is the Process to get Amazon ATES Certification?

  1. You have to choose Amazon Partners Which is conduct these course classes. (suggested IElevate )
  2. You have to register on that partner’s website.
  3. This course fee is 2000 INR to 3000 INR.
  4. Now you can start learning.
  5. You have access ID and PASSWORD for login
  6. You can start learning from Recorded Sessions
  7. and Your Classes will be organize every Saturday and Sunday
  8. Last Sunday of the Month the Exam will be organize by the Mentor
  9. Then when you complete your exam you have to fill the KYC form
  10. And you will get your certificate the next day…

NOTE:- Your certificate will be available for four months. You have a complete target during that months. When you successfully complete the target then your certificate expiry date will increase by 1 year…

What is the Target?

In the amazon ates training program certificate, you have to launch 5 sellers before finish the expiry date of your certificate. if you are new so you have to do hard work and if you are a digital marketer or somebody has any knowledge about online marketing. so that candidates can easily do the target and can earn a huge income from Amazon.

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How you can get the seller?

The amazon ates training program you have lots of way to promote your service as a digital marketer, you can run the ads on social media sites and you have use traditional marketing like pamplets etc. you can go the market and face face communication from the sellers and tell them the benifits..

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