How Do Marketing Laws Make You a Better Marketer?


Hello everyone, have you ever been stuck in marketing ? or are you want to become a good marketer? in this post you will get a better explanation about the marketing Laws. which is helps you to become a better marketer than others. Marketing is the way where you can sell your product and service to your targeted customer all around the world and the marketing laws helps you to do marketing step by step, marketing aim is to understand the customer and his behavior so that you can create the product which is fits for them. this article will be useful for Digital marketing students, Marketers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart

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Fundamental of Marketing

What do you think about marketing? if you think marketing is a way to sell a product or service to the customer so you are wrong. Marketing is a strategy that entails developing a strategy and understanding human psychology in order to reach your target audience and customers and increase your sales. Marketing is more than just a means of selling your product. If you want to sell products, you can open a store and begin selling. However, marketing is the only way to sell your product to a targeted audience who is interested in your product and service. Marketing is based on science, not imagination. Marketing begins before the product is created, because marketing before the creation of a product or service allows you to better understand human psychology, customer interest, and customer needs, which leads to the creation of a good product.

so if you want to do marketing you have to understand the customer needs first. Marketing is not just about selling the product or services, it is also about keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them. sales, advertising, copywriting are the components of marketing. always keep in mind that the purpose of marketing is to build a brand and create good value in minds of the customer. marketing is the way where you can earn the trust of your customers.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

we know that marketing trends are changing rapidly and traditional marketing is converting to digital marketing. The marketers have now shifted to digital platforms like e-commerce websites, Google ads, and social media platforms for promoting their products, brands, and services for reaching out to the maximum number of the targeted audience. As we know, there are two types of marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing. But the problem arises that which marketing is the best? What to choose for your business growth?

in traditional marketing, you will pay for your ads but you can’t optimize your ads budgets. cause in traditional marketing you can’t choose a specific audience that fits your product and service. You have to pay for the irrelevant audience. which is not that much successful as you think. in a survey, we get the result that newspaper has a reach of 465milllions people. so if you give your ads in the newspaper so your ad budgets will so much high and you maybe you don’t get that much result as you want. so there is some way to do traditional marketing

TV ads
Effective radio ads
Door-to-door sales
Event-Sponsors & Roadshows.

Traditional marketing is the promotion of products and services through television, telephone, printing ads, newspapers, and many more modes. It is the type of marketing that is not online. It usually refers to the kind of promotion in which companies used this method in the early period to market their product and services.

The simple solution is you need to do what is the most effective for your business i.e. what your business actually needs? Some important points are:
Choosing the medium that is more cost-effective
Picking up the best strategy or plan that has a better reach to the audience.
And using the platform that gives you a direct response.

Digital marketing is the promotion of products, brands, and services through online mediums and electronic devices. It is the new age marketing method with the use of the internet and is very beneficial in every aspect of life and also give a global platform to reach the customers widely through these mediums:
Business Networking Sites
Social media sites
Paid Pop-up ads

Digital marketing is global marketing while traditional marketing is a local market.
Digital marketing is cost-effective but traditional marketing is not.
ROI is measurable in digital marketing while in traditional marketing it is non-measurable.
The digital marketing process is re-targeting while traditional marketing is non-re-targeting.
The Internet took 4 years to reach an audience while Radio took 38 years & TV took 15 years to reach 50 million users.

CATT Marketing Funnel

wealth formula
source from Digital Deepak

CATT stands for Content Action Trust Transaction. funnel is the way where you can achieve your goals which are set for the customer if you can create the best marketing funnel so there have too much chance to increase your sales. CATT Marketing Funnel is that funnel where you can achieve your goals. let’s Explaining about CATT

The formula of wealth, wealth = n^CATT

where n is a niche, the niche is your interesting topic or category, and the type of your product and service like your niche can be about health, technology, sports, yoga, etc. your success and wealth depend on the niche that you choose for marketing.

[C] Content:- Always create good content for your user. that can attract more users from your niche, content is the key to digital marketing, if your content is good, higher chance to get succeeding in your niche. content could be in different forms Blogpost, Videos, Lead magnets, live webinars, etc.

[A] Attention: if your content is optimized and looks good or easy to read and understand, then your content attracts more people’s attention and that will increase traffic on your website and social media. but you can drive more traffic on your content using SEO, Sharing some Social media sites, run paid ads and referrals. there have many ways to increase traffic on your content.

[T] Trust:– when your content is good and it is drive more people’s attention then you have started building trust. you can use email marketing, retargeting, and many ways to reach your customer. you can take their email address and start sending newsletters about your product and services. you can send your new blog which is more helpful to build trust.

[T] Transaction:– your content is good and it is taking more people attention and people submit forms and they are starting to trust on you then that leads will become your future customer. so you have to start selling your products and service through email marketing or paid ads with some natural sales methods.

so this is the CATT Funnel and this is the step-by-step process to convert your leads into customers.

Digital Marketing That Is Integrated

Integrated Digital Marketing is when you use multiple marketing platforms in one place. For example, if you have written a blog post in Content Marketing, you can send that content to your users via email marketing or you can write the entire content in email and send it to your email list. and through email marketing, you can sell the product or gain the trust of new users who may become customers in the future. In addition to content marketing, you can do SEO, which is a marketing term. You have the option of attaching your social media accounts, pages, or sending your content links to your social media accounts. You can choose to pay for advertising. In the newsletter, you can include a link to your website.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

personal brands

Personal Branding means I want to make myself a brand as a person, people should follow me. if you make a personal brand so more people will know about you and your brand, but the thing that you have to keep in mind is that don’t do some silly mistake otherwise your personal brand status will go down. always available for your customer and audience. and try to give them the best and faster service as soon as possible. I will explain to you that what is the MassTrust Blueprint and how you can build yourself as a personal brand and how you can grow your brand with more and more audiences. so there have some rules that you have read carefully to build yourself as a personal brand.

MassTrust Blueprint
MassTrust Blueprint Source From Digital Deepak

1 Learn:- learn more about your niche and become an expert in your niche through concepts, facts, and procedures. understand the concepts and remember the facts and practice the procedures that will help you to no 1 rank on your niche and from your competitors, you have to learn new skills

2 Work:- Now in step 2, it is the work stage. which skills you have learned now you have to work on it. you have to practice that skill. implement it in the real world that will give a better understanding about your skill and yourself too. you will see that where you should improve your skill. all the problems that you will focus on when you try your skills in the real world. it will make you more confident and motivate you.

3 Blog:- In this step, you have to tell the people about struggle and what you have learned that will help you to build the personal brand. the blog is the most important thing that you have to do when you are going to build a personal brand. you have to write about the journey that how you will learn, and what you have learned, and write about your implementation that what output you get from implementation. write about your experiences through your work. when you write, you understand it better, but you will also start building your personal brand.

4 Consult:- Now you have learned the skills and you understand the fundamentals and you have work experience and now you have a personal brand through your blog. then you should start consulting people and other businesses which is come in your niches, don’t do work for them, you have to start consulting that means you can give some solutions of his problems, you can guide them, you can make the business plan of them.

5 Mentor:- You can start a mentorship program for other peoples who wants to become like you. you can guide them that how they can improve their skills. and what are the problems they will face, and how to overcome form those problems or even you can sell their course which comes in next step? mentoring will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level.

6 Startup:- In the last step of MassTrust Blueprint. Now you can publish your product and service. start a business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, and you can start teaching, you can launch the course of that skill that you have learned.

In this article, I wrote about some marketing laws and fundamentals. Marketing is the most important thing in business life. everyone should learn marketing skills that you can help other businesses to grow them and you can grow yourself. if you have marketing skills. I hope it will add some value to your marketing skills. if you like this article please do the comment. that will motivate us…