Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

In today’s era, we know that marketing trends are changing rapidly and traditional marketing is converting to digital marketing. The marketers have now shifted to digital platforms like e-commerce websites, Google ads, and social media platforms for promoting their products, brands, and services for reaching out to the maximum number of the targeted audience. As we know, there are two types of marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing. But the problem arises that which marketing is the best? What to choose for your business growth?

The simple solution is you need to do what is the most effective for your business i.e. what your business actually needs? Some important points are:
* Choosing the medium that is more cost-effective
* Picking up the best strategy or plan that has a better reach to the audience.
* And using the platform that gives you a direct response.



Traditional marketing is the promotion of products and services through television, telephone, printing ads, newspapers, and many more modes. It is the type of marketing that is not online. It usually refers to the kind of promotion in which companies used this method in the early period to market their product and services. Sellers find out their customers through these mediums of promotion:
* TV ads
* Effective radio ads
* Newspapers
* Hoardings and banners
* Cold Calling
* Door-to-door sales
* Brochure
* Event-Sponsors & Roadshows.

On the other hand, Digital marketing is the promotion of products, brands, and services through online medium and electronic devices. It is the new age marketing method with the use of the internet and is very beneficial in every aspect of life and also give a global platform to reach the customers widely through these mediums:
* Business Networking Sites
* Social media sites
* Paid Pop-up ads
* Blogging.

What is the main difference between these marketing?

The main difference is that, digital marketing is more cost-effective and tangible as compare to traditional marketing. Digital marketing gives business a direct response for their efforts with a limited budget while traditional market do not. The most important is reach to the audience at the right time and at a right place and digital marketing process do it very well as compare to traditional marketing.

Let’s see the more differences below:
* Digital marketing is global marketing while traditional marketing is a local market.
* Digital marketing is cost-effective but traditional marketing is not.
* ROI is measurable in digital marketing while in traditional marketing it is non-measurable.
* Digital marketing process is re-targeting while traditional marketing is non-re-targeting.
* Internet took 4 years to reach an audience while Radio took 38 years & TV took 15 years to reach 50 million users.


Here we are going to discuss about 4 P’s that can help you to find out the best marketing strategy for your business that you must know before choosing the best:
Effective marketing starts with the aim of fulfilling the demand of a target audience. Hence, products should be kept in mind according to a targeted market. Secondly, price always depends upon supply-demand, profit margin. After that, promotion plays an important role, this is the way to reach your targeted audience that can be of both types online and offline. At last, the place matters, which means where to target audience at right time at right place.


There are 4.57 billion internet users worldwide and increasing day-by-day rapidly. Users are finding their need on the Internet so marketers growing up their business through digital or internet marketing on the internet by promoting their products, brands, and services on Google, e-commerce sites, social media sites where every internet user spends time to find their needs. It is a global and growing platform that gives a real-time result at a low-cost. It is the best way for your brand development and to engage the audience in chats and gain advice to improve products and brands by their immediate feedback.


With the help of digital marketing services, you can expand your business widely and can achieve your goals and to achieve extra-ordinary growth:
* SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
* PPC(Pay-Per-Click)
* Search engine marketing
* E-mail marketing
* Web design and web development.

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