What is Digital Marketing (December 2020)

what is digital marketing

Today, in the information age or in the digital age we are living, the Internet plays an important role and has become an integral part of our lives and in everyone’s modern busy lifestyle, the positive use of the internet makes our lives easy and simple. As marketing has always been connecting with your targeted customers at the right time and right place so today, on the internet they are already spending time so you need to meet them there and that’s called the Digital Marketing

What is marketing, its role, types and its scope?

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

In the modern world, everything has become digital so why the marketing wouldn’t?

So, the digital world is one where you can sell your ideas, products & services through the online medium like by use of website to sell your product. Digital Marketing is “internet marketing”. It is basically advertising delivered through digital channels. The channels can be social media platforms, mobile platforms, E-mail application, web application, search engines & websites.

Digital Marketing is consist of all the marketing efforts that promote your product or brand using electronics devices or the internet in order to connect your current and prospective customers.

 What is the difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing:

As the traditional marketing includes print ads, phone communication and physical marketing. From newspapers to radio, traditional marketing helps to reach customers.

 On the other hand, digital marketing can occur online and electronically. So one platform where you can actually put across your views, ideas what you going to be doing is digital marketing and also you can get a lot of support from the other people who are already marketing on and you can get a lot of guidance. So that is why exactly you need digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing important and what is its role to any business?

traditional marketing

Nowadays each company and every business needs digital marketing to achieve growth by reaching more customers and convincing them to purchase. For achieving this, you have to take the benefits of all the valuable marketing resources and technologies i.e. internet that makes every business in need of digital marketing.

Some of the benefits of digital marketing include:

  • Digital marketing is vital for your business & brand awareness and by digital marketing, you can reach the audience in a cost-effective way and with higher flexibility as compare to traditional marketing.
  •  It helps the brands to improve their customer relationship i.e. has the ability to interact with customers &learn exactly what they are looking for and provide your customer with a better experience and develop a good relationship with them in order to earn people’s trust that can be needed when your business begins to grow.
  • Digital marketing strategies can help you to get better and higher revenues by generating higher conversion rates i.e. it can deliver loads of profitable benefits for your business.
  •  internet marketing has access to the targeted audience who engage on their mobiles phone and do online shopping and it lets you track customer’s purchase journey and their activities.

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Digital marketing Strategy:

Digital marketing strategy is a plan of action that helps your business to grow and achieve digital objectives through online marketing channels as paid, earned, or owned media. It is not easy to create a marketing strategy, so you need to know some important points regarding to plan the strategy that are given here:

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

  1. Collect information about the targeted audience that include age, gender, occupation and most important their interests
  2. Identify your goals and tasks like increase the conversion rates etc.
  3. Focus on Blogging i.e. creating a good and attractive content.
  4. Analyze the existing digital channels and use right technology
  5. Make reach of customer easy to you.


Six main types of Online Marketing includes:

 .       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·        Content Marketing

·        Pay Per Click (PPC)

·        Social Media Marketing

·        E-mail Marketing

·        Mobile Marketing

Now let’s discuss these main types of online marketing in detail:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It is the process of optimizing content, technical setup, and reaches of your website so that your pages appear at the top of the search engine that results in a specific keyword.

The main aim of the SEO is to attract customers or visitors to your website when they search product or services related to your business. SEO also ensures the need for user-friendly website. It includes both On-page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on the content that exist on the page of the website that are within your control while Off-page SEO consist of all the activities that take place off the page when looking to optimize your website.

  • Content Marketing:Content marketing denotes the creation & promotion of the content. It is the backbone of digital strategy. Examples like videos, writing blogs on your websites, social media posts, e-books and templates all comprises content marketing. When you create content keep your targeted audience in mind that what they are looking for, with the aim of influencing their purchasing decisions, gaining their trust and build brand awareness.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC):It is basically “paid marketing” which includes displaying advertising. It refers to the “sponsored result” on Search Engine Result Pages. It is the process of buying visits to your site. For example, paid ads on Facebook, Twitter Ads and other sponsored messages.
  • Social Media Marketing: This type of online marketing promotes your brand and content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest in order to increase your brand awareness and generate leads.
  • E-mail Marketing: Many companies usually communicate with their clients through e-mail marketing. It is a form of direct marketing that is used to promote the content, events, and discounts, and more offers to direct people towards their business website.
  • Mobile Marketing: As we know, mobile devices have become an integral part of our life hence, it is a vital for marketers to understand how to communicate on this channel effectively. It is that online marketing strategy that used SMS, e-mail and online method of marketing through different applications downloaded to your phone.

What is the scope of Internet Marketing and how is the career growth?

Future in Marketing:

Let us tell you that “the scope is wider when it comes to internet marketing”. It is said that “Being Digital is Being Global”. It will remain the most powerful way of marketing in the future. Many institutions are nowadays introducing digital courses that have a practical approach that is affordable. So future will be bright in the terms of digital marketing with a broad scope.

Digital agencies is also known as data–driven marketing and operates through the digital platform i.e. the introduction and promotion of various products and services online. The employment sector has seen a major share of jobs generated by the online marketing domain. A digital agency is a rapidly growing & evolving career path nowadays with immediate results. Career scope in marketing seems very attractive and professionals are learning courses to enter this industry with good job opportunities.



6marketing skills are in highly demand that are:


  SEO Specialist

  PPC Specialist

  Social Media expert


  Content writing

  E-mail and Mobile Marketing

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